Prof. Iveta Dzīvīte – Krišāne

Pediatric endocrinologis

Counseling children from birth who have problems with growth, puberty, diabetes and other pathologies related to the glands and their hormones. The following hormonal pathologies are diagnosed, treated and monitored:

  • Growth problems - small stature, accelerated growth rate;
  • Early or delayed puberty;
  • Enlarged thyroid gland;
  • Decreased or increased thyroid function;
  • Pituitary hypo / hyperactivity;
  • Adrenal hypo / hyperactivity;
  • Unclear external genitals, sexual differentiation disorders, intersex;
  • Ovarian or testicular dysfunction;
  • Diabetes, low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia);
  • Obesity;
  • Vitamin D and calcium metabolism disorders;
  • Expressed thirst;
  • Reinforced hair
  • Breast enlargement in boys.