Dr. Ieva Nokalna

Pediatric immunologist

Counseling may be needed if the child has: 

  • recurrent bacterial infections;
  • more than one severe infection;
  • infections that are atypical, unusually severe, chronic, do not have a sufficient therapeutic effect;
  • abscesses of internal organs, repeated subcutaneous abscesses;
  • prolonged or frequent diarrhea;
  • long-term, severe warts, generalized molluscus contagiosus infection, papillomavirus;
  • common candidiasis, often stomatitis in children over 1 year of age;
  • post-vaccination complications (disseminated BCG or varicella infection, paralytic polio, rotavirus infection);
  • bronchiectasis or pneumococci;
  • severe or atypical eczema or dermatitis;
  • recurrent fever or subfebrile genesis of unclear genesis;
  • angioedema;
  • autoimmune cytopenias;
  • cases of primary immunodeficiency in the family.