Health Clinic “Vesels Bērns”

The child is like a butterfly in the wind. Some are able to fly higher than others.
But each of them flies as well as they can.
Why compare each other? Everyone is special! Everyone is beautiful!

The Healthy Children's Children's Clinic opened its doors in January 2020. Our clinic employs almost all specialists in the industry, forming a total of 15 outstanding teams of doctors. All doctors are also doctors of the Children's Clinical University Hospital, chief physicians, lecturers, teaching staff with extensive clinical experience.
We are a team united to provide the best possible health care for children from near and far.

Everything has to be peaceful with us - everyone is welcome and taken care of!
The clinic has doctors' offices, a procedure room for manipulations, where inflated balloons are always pleasing, so that any manipulation of a child is like a positive event. The clinic has a small ward, where we can install systems, perform inhalations if necessary, and if necessary, we provide space for mothers who need to feed their babies.

The Healthy Children's Children's Clinic is located at Tēriņu Street 79, Riga. The care facilities are new, bright and modern. Getting to our clinic is very convenient - the public transport stop "Selias iela" is 200 m away, but for those parents who travel by car or bicycles, there is a large free parking space and a bicycle shed.

Ilze Zariņa

“Vesels bērns” klīnikas
radītāja un vadītāja Ilze Zariņa

There are dreams that come true! Whether there was a dream of a children's health clinic in particular - I don't know, but definitely about a place for children. It is probably not a coincidence - I am a mother of 2 children and I can definitely feel what an acutely ill child or a child with chronic illnesses means to their parents. I am a professional with a higher medical education and more than 20 years of experience and skills working in various international pharmaceutical companies.

High-quality and modern children's health care clinic is my cherished dream. My life motto - Do the best I can!
I am proud of the excellent doctors of our clinic every day and hour. Our clinic is a great support for parents, and special in that in case of acute illness specialists are available in the evening and on weekends. It is not for nothing that our little "butterflies" fly from the nearby Marupe region, as well as from the most remote districts of Riga and even the cities of the region. We expect our patients from Venspils, Daugavpils, Smiltene, Bauska, etc. cities. 

Welcome to the "Healthy Child" clinic! Everyone is welcome and cared for by us.